Decision Point Season 5 Reflection


Decision Point Season 5 Reflection:  Due March 6th


Each day this week, please set aside time to read one Psalm and one chapter of either the Gospel of Matthew or the Book of Genesis.  Please note which chapters and psalms you read.  After reading, please make note of any words or phrases that jumped out at you and may have had some relevance to your life, and briefly explain how it was relevant and how it made you feel.  Please submit this reflection to me via email by next Sunday, March 6th.


The chapters and Psalms you read don’t need to be consecutive.  You can jump around as chapters attract your attention.  Some chapters in Genesis just list people’s lineage and may not be very interesting, but they lie between chapters that tell some important stories, such as the story of creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, and Abraham.  You can skip some of those “list” chapters to get to the good parts of the story.  Matthew’s Gospel gives the story of Jesus’ birth, but the beginning of chapter 1 does have some lists of ancestors as well.


I look forward to reading your responses!


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